At the Humane Society of the Black Hills, animal lovers just like you make up our volunteer force. While our volunteers come from different backgrounds, they all have three things in common:

  • Compassion for the animals in our community
  • Commitment to work together to create a brighter future for the animals
  • Consistency and reliability in helping us care for the animals and operate our programs

Volunteers are a vital part of the Humane Society of the Black Hills and help us meet our mission to care for the lost, homeless and forgotten. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year and help ensure the animals here are socialized, happy, and healthy while they wait to be adopted.

Some of the areas in which our volunteers provide much-needed help include the following:

  • Dog Walking
  • A.M. Dog Walking
  • Cat Socializing
  • Grooming
  • Laundry
  • Outreach Events
  • Fundraising
  • Office/Clerical Duties
  • Upcoming Events

Age Requirement

  • 16 and under: Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • 16 and older: Ages 16 and older may work independently with the animals

Court ordered volunteering and community service

  • If you need court ordered volunteer or community service hours, that is a different program than the volunteer program at the Humane Society of the Black Hills. To learn more about court ordered or community service time, call (605) 394-4170.

High school age volunteers

High school students and teenagers involved in church or other civic organizations often need between 4 and 10 volunteer hours. Students needing limited hours who don’t intend to become long-term volunteers at the Humane Society of the Black Hills have two options:

  1. School Hours volunteer program. This program allows students to get volunteer hours at their convenience without attending a monthly orientation. This program expedites the volunteer process for the student. Parent signature is required. Information can be picked up at the front desk, 1820 E. St. Patrick St., or downloaded here.
  2. Volunteer program. Students participating in the volunteer program must register and attend a regularly scheduled volunteer orientation and will become regular volunteers at the Humane Society of the Black Hills.
Here’s how to get started in the volunteer program:
  1. Download the volunteer packet.
    Read and sign the contact form, release of liability, and conflict of interest statement. Please bring the documents to volunteer orientation.
  2. Register for volunteer orientation
    *We will resume volunteer orientations in December.  Watch our calendar page for new listings!*
    All volunteers are required to attend the 45-minute to one-hour orientation.
    Orientation schedules are published on the events calendar. Please register online for an open spot. Orientations fill quickly so if you cannot make the time slot you reserved, please email volunteer@hsbh.org to request your name be removed from the orientation schedule for that date.
    When registering for an orientation – please do not register multiple attendees under one name; each person must be registered individually.
  3. Commit to volunteering a minimum of 2 hours a month and volunteer whenever it works in your schedule!
  4. Questions: Contact our Resource Development Director by email at volunteer@hsbh.org or call (605) 341-3217

Groups, Volunteer Projects

Several groups, youth groups and local organizations hold fund raisers and events and donate the proceeds to the Humane Society of the Black Hills. If your group would like to hold an event to benefit the Humane Society of the Black Hills, contact us if you would like us to share the information on our website and social media.

Have a group that wants to tackle an outdoor building project this summer? Building small gazebos, patios, or benches for volunteers walking dogs might be the right fit for you. Below are a few photos of what could be done to create a simple space for a volunteer to sit back, enjoy the day, with a dog napping at his or her feet.

School groups
may enjoy this project we saw online, but instead of painted rocks maybe rocks painted as animals and paw prints! If this is something you might be interested in doing, call the Resource Development Director at 341-3217 and we’ll see if we can work out the details.