In Memoriam

In Memory Of

Margaret Kuntz
by Judy and Dean Linquist

Jack Nunez
by Jeannie Nunez

Clara (Chris) White
by Clarence and Susie Archibald
by Rosie Archibald
by David and Dottie Cofoid
by Nolan and Cheryl Dix and family
by Yancey and Melissa Kessler
by Dr. Gerald and Jan Sailer
by Jerel and Arllinda Seamonds
by Joe and Sarah Strain and family
by Randy and Linda Turbak

Frieda Schaub
by Lois Shimp

Peggy Peck
by Janice Morehouse

Chris LaCroix
by Lana and Jim Wilson

William “Buck” Naumann
by Amanda Miller, Biccari Holdings
by Donna Albrecht
by Beverlee Riggert
by Nicholas Naumann
by Brad Momsen and Rick Buchholz
by Susan Horvath
by Susan DeFranco
by The Biccari Team

by Betty Wootten

Mildred Genatempo
by Kathy Abolafia

Deon Simon-Behrend
by Julie Anderson

Robin Schiffer
by Paige Lange
by Marjorie Sagen
by Randal and Rebecca Fisher
by Kevin Tobin
by Jennifer Cook Amos
by Lisa Hondros

Terry Smith
by Cheryl Foster

Harry Richardson
by Denise Meyerink
by Rosemary Mohr
by Donna Richardson
by Kathryn Fink
by Mountaintop Construction, Inc.
by Madeline Giacoletto
by Glenda Williams

Tiny Fewel
by Patricia Fewel

Gary Killian
by Connie King
by Shari Baus
by N.M. Clapp
by Reginald or Linda Wood
by June Killian
by Anonymous

Don Wickler
by Joyce Anderson Trustee

“Roxy” Barney
by Stephanie Hoon

Waneta Ragel’s 80th 
by Kristi Barber
by Mildred Fauth-Darney
by Gregory and Connie Forstner
by Cora Conner
by James and Muriel Oates

by Darrell Luvaas

Stacie Olson
by Sarah Hermsen
by Anonymous

Brett Sampson
by Mary Diamond

Dona Ross
by Suzanne Koch

Dick Deschamp
by Randy Fisher

Gene Britt
by Karla Lipp

Chablis Short
by Gerianne Short

Glen Plummer
by Mick Vickers
by Jim Schnittgrund
by J.W. Swan
by Marian Alexander

David Papcke
by Karen Papcke

David Bright
by Janis Bright

Daytona, Elmo & Pugsley
by Pamela Comer

Kiki, Nelson, Shandy, Winston, Tegwin & Katy
by Rebecca Jones

John Wayne Fenske
by Jeanette Fenske

Karen Keyser
by Deborah Speas
by Linda Markegard
by Steve and Debra Bisgaard
by Curt and Cathy Paulsen
by Nooney & Solay LLP
by S and A Eccarius

Vicki Loomis
by Larry Beezley

Kent Eccleston
by Barbara Vail

by John Bartos

Helen Barber
by Donald Konechne

Glenn Paulson
by Mary Lou Paulson
by Elizabeth Lockhart

Ken Stoltz
by United Ostomy Association
Pamela Cox
Violet Stoltz
Dawn and John Habeck
Stella Hughes

Cheyanne Cummings
by Michele Cummings

Gary Logan
by Jill Logan

Richard “Dick” Maguire by Steve Mentele

Richard Jones
by Lyda Busse

Glorianne Ten Braak
by Phyllis Hartman
by Shannon and Darcy Stafford
by Kimberly Dixon
by BMS Financial Advisors
by Barbara Gulk
by Andy Ten Braak
by Leeann Rieman
by Scott and Jody Barbour
by Randy and Donna Stafford
by Kenton Stafford
by Ken and Diane Ketel
by Don and Roxy Evans
by Deb and Duane Evans
by Lois Stafford
by Kathleen Hoffart
by Jim and Mia Stafford
by Kimberly Dixon
by Pete Stallman
by Gordon and Marlene Olson
by Les and Judy Evans
by Wayne and Jo Ann Piebenga
by Carole Ten Braak
by Andy and Jo Ann Swenson
by Glenn and Dianne Ford

Pamela Anderson
by NCM Associates, Inc.

Dick McGuire
by LaVonne Martley

Mary Lou Lowry
by Barbara Vail
by Laurie Lowry

Val Weiland
by Elizabeth Nash

Frank Dallago
by Sheila Hillberry
by Elizabeth Nash
by Anonymous

Chuck Lien
by Dianne Conner
by Mick Vickers
by Joan Benson
by Caron Collins

Jack Pennington
by Lynn Sferrazza
by Pete Bergman
by David and Nancy Fisher
by Nancy Ashley
by P&K John
by Christy and Roger Heacock

by Mitchell Nachtigall

Lucille Butler
by DDK Maeder;
by Bonnie Anker

Susan Guhin by Rhonda Haskell

Dorothy Cross by Mary De Bolt

Connie Barsted
by Debra Grimshaw

Meke van Nierop
by Natalie Hrabe

Amy Stamper
by Anonymous
by Darlys Kolda
by Dever Larson
by Mary Beth and Charles Johnson
by Karen Day
by John Hovdenes
by Cynthia Degen
by Kandy Magnuson
by Dorothy Matthes
by Patricia Koerlin
by BH Service Company LLC
by Timothy and Cheryl Taylor
by Judith Payne
by Donna Stengel
by Radiology Associates, Prof. L.L.C.

Craig Tieszen
by Deb Tieszen

Leilah Tallot
by Beth Hunter
by Gary and Karen Hollstein

by Janice Runquist

David Falk
by Michael Falk
by Diana Glover
by Judith Schnaible
by Jolene Yunginger
by Mary Gertsma
by Susan Karlen
by Cheri DeYoung
by Joanne Detwiler

Deb Cady
by Deanna Harris
by Stacy Twite

Therese Perisic
by Jeanne Myhren
by Elizabeth Kincaid
by Donna Barck
by Lynne Grabowska
by Stephen Newnum
by Kathy Downey
by Susan Downey
by Margie Downey
by Kenneth and Rolene Hoegerl
by Evelyn Donovan
by Lawrence Hartmann
by Robert Hartmann

Molly Meyers
by Shelli Vallis

Alma Lee Edwards
by Robert Jones

Jim Robinson
by Brian and Linda Kelley

Dawn Daberry
by Anna May Paul

by Debra Welch

Jessica Reutter
by Lois Sokol
by Lissa Schroder

Marlys Orth
by Lisa and Ryan Sagdalen

Ron Wilfong
by Royce King

Van Weiland
by Elizabeth Nash

Darwyn Stebbins
by Bette Stebbins
by Patricia Ritter
by Wade Stebbins
by Barbara Vail
by East West LLC
by Dale’s Tire & Retreading, Inc.
by Dorene Hofer
by Cordella Thompson
by Nancy Schaefer
by Lisa and Ryan Sagdalen
by Hanne Farrar
by Patricia and Paul Starkweather
by Nancy Russell
by Frontier Heavy Haul and Support Inc.
by Bruce Rath
by Susan Grubl
by David and Lynda Arithson
by Alton Palmer Trucking LLC
by Jeffery Russell
by Kathleen Van Asma
by Gene Reiling
by Colleen Hudson
by Merle Karen
by Dexter and Terrie Koehne

Larry Plank
by Julius & Simpson LLP
Jennifer Erdman

Jean Fenner-Palmer
by Shelli Vallis

Esther Zimmerman
by Sandra McLain

Tina Hull
by Robert & Lori Bachmeier

by Gerianne Short

In Memory Of

Floy Sandine
by Vernon Green
by Cory Banning
by Cheryl Foster

Peggy Johnstone
by Gene Hunter

Claudette Newman
by Brenda and Jim Schmidt
by Margaret Boyles
by Darlene Nilson
by David Johnson
by Florence Chisolm
by Judy Thompson

Peg Beyers
by Donley and Carolyn Lang

Maia Martinez
by Doug, Shelli, and Cinder Ella Vallis

Harriet Wright
by Brenda Swanson
by Margaret Williams
by Bryon Blaskowski
by Lenora Nelson

Arthur Robinson
by Denis Dormann
by Thomas Helmer
by Sue Jarvis
by Donna Robinson
by Dianne Iverson
by Ken and Maureen Staley
by Sheryl Aldridge
by Mountaintop Construction Inc.
by Linda Sandvik
by Diana Fox
by Sarah Thoms
by Donna Robinson
by Kim Booth
by Dereck Budahl
by Taylor and Nefeli

by Bridget Zuvela

Marg Wieck
by Carol Tish

Shelby, pet of Harold and Arlene
by Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic

Carlene Nelson
by Dale and Pamela Smith

Marjorie Kenefick
by Douglas School District #51-1
by Wesley Storm

Dawn Jensen
by Cyle Wold

Shirley Goff
by Laurie Lowry

Carl McNutt
by Andy Schneider

Mary Alice Zanko
by Elaine Texidor
by Ruth Texidor

Meg the Scottie and Alex the Cockatiel
by Anne Duston

Jerry Meyer
by Terry Whiting

Marjorie “Midge” Smartt
by Laura Honey
by Dorothy Peck
by Claire and Sue Maynard
by Stella Hughes
by John Brockelsby
by Sandra Ham
by W.E. Smartt
by Charles Rounds

Jake & Cheyenne Fiaoni
by Tina Fiaoni

Warren Meyer
by Patricia Rea
by Ellen Rossow
by Mildred Meyer
by Mark Slocum
by Fred Whiting
by Pam Koepsell
by Edward Wile
by Linda Reade
by Diane Dahl
by Patricia Lampy
by Marilynn Brisson
by Pam Lang
by Royal Wheel Alignment, Inc.

Louise Gonzalez
by Ruby Moore

Paula Edward’s mother
by Robert Jones

Karen Marsden Keyser
by Barbara Hall

by Shirley Armagost

Mariel Ballinger
by Regina Lewis

by Cynthia Rains

by E.L. Cowley

by Barb and Steve Sams

by Mary Ingram

by Gwen Trube

Stanley Rudge
by Scott Rudge and The National Weather Service
by Debra Wills
by Adela Popkes
by Francis Coleman
by Douglas Jackson
by Shirley Duncan
by Jack King
by Sharlan Dreyer

Deb Cristan
by Kathleen Wolfgang Schmidt

by Mary Kotz

Milo Raben
by Julie Raben

by Thomas Bass

Gene Taylor
by Sandra Burns
by Bev Buckingham
by James Didier
by Jean Thomas
by Duane Schlei
by Allen Rada
by Vicki Bailie
by Jerrold Brown
by Harley Taylor
by Janet Lester
by Pamela Lester
by C.M. Lindly
by Timothy and Cheryl Taylor
by Linda Hedlund
by Jeanne Wieseler
by James and Jeanne Taylor
by Gladys Bradfield
by Doreen Christensen
by Duane Baumgartner
by Anne Mueller
by Dorothy Slingsby
by Cherril Brown
by Anonymous
by James Anderberg
by Craig Steinley
by Sitrick Group LLC
by Karen, Lerez, Cindy, Chad, and Rebecca Andrew
by Richard and Jeen Thomas
by Claudia and Judy
by Rosann Derby
by Licia Penticoft

A.D. Gerry
by Jacqueline Gerry

by Deb Kavanaugh

Betty Emerson
by Black Hills Animal Hospital

James Gene Taylor
by Ron and Penny Hansen

Jorjann Blake
by Patricia Koupal

Mary Jo Brady
by Andrea Carbonneau Case

Elaine Schmidt
by Scott & Shelley Rische
by Bill and Sandra Lemasters
by Joye Hoerth
by Ronald G. Phillips

Sylvia Vojta
by Joyce Oster
by Patrick and Jody Vojta
by Ralph Vojta
by Sandra Vojta
by Sherry Gangelhoff
by James Keck
by Dianne Ditmanson

Brennan Cox
by Cathleen Minton
by Sandra Brannan
by Sherry Hayman
by Mike and Jeannene Woods
by Cheryl Chapman
by Deneke, Inc.

Betty Sanders
by Boylan
by Bart Swanson
by Mary Ann Schmitz
by Carol Fuss
by Jane Beisner
by Janice Beaird
by Anonymous
by Julie Nichols
by Peggy Olesen
by Richard Rausch
by Alma Crosbie
by Elizabeth Nash
by Vickie Bailie
by Anonymous
by Delores Bachman
by Helen Nichols
by Anonymous
by Pete Lien and Sons

Robert Schmitz
by Mary Schmitz

Joyce Olson
by Kristin Dorwart-Marsh
by Kara Caspers
by Alison Olson

Amanda Smith
by Matt and Laura Mehlhaf
by Sohrab and Rhonda Banker
by Dana and Shad Dukat
by Elizabeth Benusis
by Scott or Jane Eberhard
by Randal and Nadine Thomas
by Curt and Jodi Massie
by Rick and Melissa Owen
by Kevin and Denise Maher
by Patty Ulmen
by Susan Brinkman
by Marcia Elkins
by Vicki Stephens
by Marilyn Stolz
by Lisa Spielman

Belva Woulfe
by Gleni McQuade
by Raphael and Jane Mack
by M.A. Knodel
by Betty Knodel
by Raymond and Beverly Mack
by R.D. Cooper
by Richard Stuve
by Dick and Jane Stune
by Jack and Joann Conley
by Ron and Carol Voss
by Dennis and Cherie Hellwig
by Jason and Stephanie Woulfe
by Darren and Leslie Woulfe
by Thomas and Caroline Woulfe
by Gary Neiderworder
by Marcia Houk
by Richard and Debbie Schneider
by Woulfe Family Trust

Shannon Rigsby
by Ramona Beck
by Wanda Kelly
by Tressa Zahrbock Kool
by Lori Goad

Morris Toppila
by Nancy Hamilton
by Janette Imsland
by Elaine Emery
by Anonymous
by Grace Calvetti
by John Erickson
by Nancy Phillips
by Mary Clauser
by Lee and JD Anderson
by Terri Vidal
by Ronald Enderby
by Robert Sliper
by Dale Stoner
by Marilyn Clauser
by Maxine Fox
by Carol Deaton

Barbara Olson
by Roy Burr
by Kathleen McClellan
by Barb Lampert
by Mary Jo Anderson
by Bonnie Fingerhut

Barry Hjort
by Brian Bade
by Bonnie Baker
by Diana Fox
by K. Soderquist
by Linda Norman

Mickey Norlin
by Doug and Lori Ostrem

Anna LeFort
by Patricia Mahon
by First United Methodist Church
by Sylvester Martinez

Shannon Kegsby
by Carol Kludt

Sheridan Sebastiani
by anonymous

Erma Mikkelson
by Connie Komes

Sarah Schwab
by Kristy Schmitz
by Jana Kenzy
by Barbara Kenton
by Gwendolyn Ray
by Renee Coldwell
by Peggy Hanafin
by Kathleen Duxbury
by Frances Williams

Susan Tisher
by Dottie Schroeder

Keith Carson
by Katherine Hammer

Coal, adopted in 2007
by Shannon Clayton

Leia, the cat of Paul & Lydia Block
by Nancy Block

Brandon Burr
by Lois Ames
by Kay Duda
by Michelle Burr
by Yvonne Palli
by A.M. Larkins
by Kutak Rock, LLP

In Honor Of

Darren’s birthday by Bonnie Paulson

Sandy Raile Barnhart by Katie Willers

Tammy Alberts for her birthday
by Linda Davis

by Gene Opstedahl

Grandma Nunez
by Jeannie Nunez

Mary Jo Brady Shea
by Mary Burnett

Karen Back’s birthday 
by Sharon Gilman

Henderson family 2018 contribution
by Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Henderson
by Lori Menke
by Dan Ashmore
by Shari Wiles
by Nancy Kulm

Brass Rail Lounge Management and Staff 

KNBN Morning News Crew

Deb and John Wills’ furry kids by Roxanne Huber

Jen and Dave Lafreutz’s furry kids by Roxanne Huber

Shelli Vallis
by Joan Myers

Lynell Campbell
by Nichole Steinback

Wanita Ragel
by Kathryn Jensen

London Berry’s birthday
by Katherine Wakefield

Blakely Berry’s birthday
by Katherine Wakefield

Morgan’s birthday 
by Mystique Massage

Carolyn Wurgburger
by Judith Janaitis

Jessica Cooper’s birthday
by Darcey Buresh
by Mary Panerio

JoAn Lintz for her 92nd birthday by Jodi Simons

Maija Odle by George Paterakis

The marriage of Deb Porter and Lonnie Trask by Thomas and Beth Hoffman.

Jan Humphrey by Connie Prautzsch

The Margo and Lance Allen Wedding by Stacey Cowen, Richard Rader, Karen Holm

The Chuck Lien family by Gerianne Short;
Joyce Anderson

by Richard Parsons

Wayne Johnson by Karen Arnold-Johnson

Susan Bass’s retirement by Dorothy Vincent

Rose Sundstrom
by Diana Glover

The Southern Hills Animal Clinic, Custer by Mary Willems

Hillery and James Gilbert by Andrea Meyers

David Bright by Janis Bright

Jeanne and Scott Reif by Emily Reif

Josh and Christina by John and Mary Hanan

Pippa, fomerly Precious, by Amy Mohl

Darwin Stebbins by Patricia and Paul Starkweather

Tish Gilber by Georgia O’Connor

G.G. by Mikayla Graham

Mia’s 10th adoptiversary by Jeannette Seagraves

Rachelle Jensen’s birthday by Erik Jensen

Gigi the cat’s 21st birthday by Cali Owings

Principal Matthew Murphy by Crissa Nonken

Charles Henry
by Debbra Gacke